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Do Christian Zionist Authors Push their Agenda Through Lies and Plagiarism?

By visiting and guest author Dave MacPherson.

We are always honored when internationally renowned author Dave MacPherson visits us and provides us with pertinent data to the on-going debate between those who promote the Rapture to Heaven mythology and orthodox writers. As we were discussing by phone the other day, one of the main concerns we both had was the audacity by Christian Zionist authors to present what they call 'original' works, when in fact, Dave has verifiable proof that much of their material entails plagiarizing what other authors have presented to the Christian public in the past. Where is the accountability? Is this really all about about presenting the gospel truth or making dollars?

Webster's definition of "plagiarize": "to steal the ideas or words of another and pass them off as one's own." In recent decades journalist/historian Dave MacPherson has discovered monumental plagiarism in books written by some of the best known Bible prophecy authors. Dave's focus herein is on well-known author and pastor David Jeremiah whose 1990 book "Escape the Coming Night" heavily plagiarized Hal Lindsey's 1973 book "There's A New World Coming." 

Included here are a few samples of Jeremiah's piracy. After Dave gave evidence to Thomas Nelson (Jeremiah's publisher) of plagiarism on 47 pages (!), he received the November 1998 letter shown below. An unexpected shock came in 2001 which caused Dave to write the following article "Thieves' Marketing" - the explosive story revealing how "Halic" thoughts quietly became "Davidic" ones when no one was watching.

         Some Examples of Jeremiah's Piracy

     [NOTE: Quotes from Hal Lindsey's 1973 book "There's A New World Coming" (NW) will be followed by plagiarism of them in David
      Jeremiah's 1990 book "Escape the Coming Night" (E). Plagiarism of Lindsey's book was found on 47 pages in Jeremiah's book!]

     (1) NW, p. 66: The symbolic church of "Philadelphia" was from "1750-1925" - the "great missionary era" of "Wesley, Whitefield...Spurgeon, and Moody...."    
          E, p. 54: "The symbolic "Church of Philadelphia" was "from 1750 until around 1925" - "the period of great missionary outreach" of   "John Wesley, George Whitfield, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, D. L. Moody...."

     (2) NW, p. 123: The 144,000 will be "Jewish Billy Grahams."
          E, p. 121: The 144,000 will be "Jewish Billy Grahams."

     (3) NW, p. 144: "Over a century ago, before America groaned under the present crime wave, Joseph Seiss, the author of The     Apocalypse, predicted on the basis of Revelation 9:21 that capital punishment would have been largely abolished by the time of the Tribulation!"
          E, p. 132: "Over a century ago, before we groaned under the present crime wave, J. A. Seiss, author of The Apocalypse, predicted, on the basis of Revelation 9:21, that capital punishment would be largely abolished by the time of the Tribulation."

     (4) NW, p. 173: " of Your children down on earth, Hal Lindsey, just blew it in his Christian life....Lucifer...I let My Son...take the penalty for Hal's sins....You haven't got a case against Hal."
          E, p. 155: "God, did you notice David Jeremiah down there in California? He really blew it today in his so-called Christian life....[Satan], I paid the penalty for his sins upon the cross, so drop this case...."

     (5) NW, p. 251: "...the heavenly preparation for Jesus' return...revolves around five thunderous, resounding shouts of 'Praise the Lord!'... which is sung in unison by angels, Old Testament saints, Tribulation saints, and Church saints."
          E, p. 200:"Five shouts of 'Praise the Lord' resound throughout heaven as there is a great preparation for Jesus' return. The angels, the Old Testament saints, the church saints, and the Tribulation saints will raise their voices in a choir which will reverberate louder than thunder."
[Double click the letter and zoom in to see it larger]

(composed in 2001 by Dave MacPherson)
Are you aware that some major evangelical publishers have been trafficking in stolen items?
Before I load you up with brand-new details about a stunning development in this regard, I need to put this vehicle in reverse.

Surfers of non-pretrib sites may remember the "Deceiving and Being Deceived" article of mine I began distributing last June. In it I included the names of many well-known pretrib authors who had been plagiarizing the writings of others, and also revealed the names of some evangelical publishers who'd been a party to such piracy.

But this shocking story really began in 1997. That was when I discovered that much of a 1990 book, Escape the Coming Night by David Jeremiah and C. C. Carlson, was a brazen plagiarism of Hal Lindsey's 1973 book There's A New World Coming.I can't recall which part of Escape made me suspicious and led me to do a thorough examination. It may have been the description of the 144,000 as "Jewish Billy Grahams"--- an unforgettable phrase I knew Lindsey had used. Originally published by Word Publishing, Escape had later been taken over by Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Bible and inspirational book publisher on earth.

The year 1997 also found me working on a new book, one that came out the following year. After I ran across even more plagiarism in some influential evangelical publishers including Moody Press, I decided to confront them.

The first publisher contacted was Thomas Nelson in 1998. I chose to write to Mrs.Sam Moore, the wife of Thomas Nelson's chairman and CEO. (At times it's easier to get the attention of a busy executive if a request or problem is addressed to his wife and marked "personal"!)

Mrs. Moore evidently turned the letter over to her husband because I soon received a letter from Thomas Elmlinger, associate counsel in Nelson's legal department, who asked me to send him evidence of plagiarism in Escape. After I sent him a stack of photocopies of marked pages in both books (Escape had massive plagiarism on 47 pages!), a November 2, 1998 letter from Elmlinger stated:
"Thank you for your letter of October 19 and the enclosed photocopy of the suspect portions of Escape the Coming Night. Word published this book in 1990, two years before Word became a part of Thomas Nelson. Obviously, we were unable to check every title that Word had published for possible problems.

"Nevertheless, we at Thomas Nelson are very concerned about this matter. Accordingly, we are destroying all our current inventory of this title and will not reprint the book.

"Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention."

During the next few years I sent many copies of this letter to Christian leaders and praised Thomas Nelson publicly for its honesty. And in my recent "Deceiving and Being Deceived" article on numerous worldwide sites, I referred to Nelson as a "happy exception to publishing dishonesty" while discussing the thievery in Escape.

Well, clouds can suddenly blot out the sun. In mid-2001 I happened to spot the 1999 reprint of Escape the Coming Night which featured a totally different front cover. This was the first time I'd had a chance to see the new printing and I was wondering what it would look like minus the plagiarism that Elmlinger said would never again appear in that title.

However, I was amazed and dumbfounded upon finding out that ALL of the plagiarism was still in it and that the publishing of it hadn't missed a beat ever since Elmlinger's misleading letter in late 1998!

In addition, I noted that the title page listed the publisher as "Word Publishing" and called it "A Thomas Nelson Company"!

On August 31, 2001 I sent a letter to David Moberg, president of Word Publishing (which now calls itself W Publishing). I told him what I've just told you and added:

"How can a Thomas Nelson company continue to publish a dishonest book? Was your company informed of the plagiarism? If so, why is it still in the book? Thomas Elmlinger at Nelson reviewed the evidence I presented. If you would rather have the proof from me, I can send you a stack of photocopies of marked pages in your latest edition plus marked pages in the Hal Lindsey book that was plagiarized by Jeremiah and Carlson." (HE HAS NEVER RESPONDED!)

A number of weeks later, on October 1st, I mailed the same questions to Mrs. Sam Moore. (SHE HAS NEVER RESPONDED!)

Several weeks later, on October 23rd, I put the same questions to Mr. Elmlinger, the man who gave me a rapture runaround in 1998 while evidently planning all the while to cover up the continuation of dishonest promotion of the pretrib rapture view, a view easily lending itself to such practices simply because it's been riddled with dishonesty since its 1830 birth! (HE HAS NEVER RESPONDED!)

Whenever ancient Israel failed to do right or deliberately did wrong, she brought terror upon herself; that is, she provoked the Lord which forced Him to allow men and even angels to terrorize her. In effect, she was her own terrorist, bringing terror upon herself.
Not all of the terrorists these days are in the Middle East or Afghanistan. In Western "Christian" countries there are those who terrorize millions of the unborn in "hospitals" and those who terrorize the already-born on highways. And also those who terrorize the born-again ones by promoting a latter-day end-time view that's already terrorized and killed unprepared millions in Russia, China, Korea etc. and promises to terrorize and kill many more unprepared and exploited millions.
If terrorists include those who aid and finance terrorism, as President Bush has stated, then those who operate from publishing "caves" in Tennessee or Michigan or Oregon while secretly aiding literary thievery are actually Laodicean enemies in our midst who will force God to terroristically chasten all of us who continue to support such dishonesty----no matter how many flags we wrap ourselves in, and no matter how often we chant our superficial Americadabra slogans!

 MORAL OF THE STORY: In light of Matthew 7:2, if we tolerate Christian leaders who lie to us, cheat us, and steal from us, should we be surprised if God allows us to also have political leaders who lie to us, cheat us, and steal from us?

Dave MacPherson, author and commentator, has penned several books that counter the Rapture to Heaven theory, and the claims by many Christian Zionists' as to its origin. To read over a dozen articles he has written in the past regarding this topic, click on to the Historicism web site. Additional examples of plagiarism by other Christian Zionist authors can also be found here.    

To access information about Joe Ortiz, his other blogs and his books, please click on Joe Ortiz


Anonymous said...

Man oh Man, what are we going to hear about next? How can years go by before we know what is going on behind the scenes? I guess that stealing is okay just as long as the perpetraitor isn't caught, right? David Jeremiah should be ashamed and should publicly appologize! Missy

Joe Ortiz, author, "The End Times Passover" said...

Thanks for your comment Missy! It is sad to see this type of behavior, especially when we see Christian leaders (both authors and their publisher) not only lie about their works, but place themselves in a dangerous position (as far as their relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit) solely to avoid recanting of this grievous sin. To place profit above their mission of being spokespersons for God, makes one think of that verse (Mark 8:36)"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

They probably believe it is a minor detail, not worth confessing this gave sin in order to protect their reputations and their gained lucre.

The even sadder aspect is that millions of Christians buy into their Rapture to Heaven mythology and (in essence) are just as guilty of the atrocities being committed against innocent people as they support (and encourage) the use of military weapons against weaker nations solely because they endorse the misinterpretation of scripture they believe requires support of nefarious Zionist leaders.

Sadly, when Christ return, they will be held accountable for this error!

grace said...

A fault, once denied,
is twice committed.
-- Thomas Fuller

Anonymous said...

Your exposure of Jeremiah's plagiarism has left me gasping and dumbfounded. If his namesake, the great Hebrew prophet Jeremiah, could come back to earth and update his 23rd chapter and apply it to present-day "prophets" like David Jeremiah, it might sound like this:
"I have seen in the 'prophets' of America a horrible thing: they walk in lies and strengthen the hands of evildoers.
"Hearken not unto the words of the 'prophets' that prophesy unto you an any-moment pretrib rapture: they speak a vision of their own heart.
"They still say, No evil shall come upon you.
"I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied about a pretrib rapture.
"I am against the 'prophets,' saith the Lord, that steal...." (preceding based on selected verses in Jer. 23)
MacPherson's "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" article on Google shows that Jeremiah's case isn't an isolated one but is common practice among today's leading Bible prophecy "experts" including Hal Lindsey who asserts, while plagiarizing a 19th century teacher, that the famous Egyptian Sphinx has the head of a woman (see his Mystery Babylon chapter) - even though encyclopedias state it has the head of a male ruler!
Should we vet only political candidates? Maybe we should also vet popular pretrib rapture "experts"!
(submitted by Martin)

Joe Ortiz, author, "The End Times Passover" said...

Thank you Martin, Missy and Grace. It is comforting and reassuring to see folks like you out there who not only recognize these deeds go beyond the pale (by negatively influencing those who seek the truth concerning God's word) but who are courageously willing to let your voices be heard. Hopefully you will share this blog with your friends and neighbors to alert them these techniques are not random and trivial tactics but are occurring at an alarming pace. Will God judge just the authors, or the publishers as well?



Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Brother-in-Christ Joe Ortiz, that when Christ comes back He will surely not be overlooking Christian leaders who have lied and cheated "in order to protect their reputations and their gained lucre." In the Old Testament there was Jeremiah the weeping prophet; today we have a Jeremiah who will someday be weeping over his ill-gained profits!
Thanking God for you, Maria

Anonymous said...

Wow, the article by Dave MacPherson is a zinger. And thanks be to you, Joe Ortiz, for bringing such needed information to readers like myself. Your blog truly is must read!

Anonymous said...

My name is Dominick and I noticed "Christian Zionist" in the headline of your truth-telling blog the same day I saw the following exposure of a Christian Zionist leader while Googling:

[Spied this fascinating Google tidbit about a leading Christian Zionist.]


by G. W. Rockwell

Pastor Erwin Lutzer at the famous Moody Church in Chicago is an outstanding preacher. But he can be moody at times – rapture moody.
Take July 29, 2012 for example. His "Moody Church Hour" sermon that day on "Philadelphia" (one of Revelation's seven churches) included the following:
"It is His coming, the rapture, that would keep the church from the hour of trial [a.k.a. the great tribulation] that is coming upon the whole earth. And isn't it interesting? He does not say 'I will keep you through the hour of trial but rather I will keep you out of – that's what the text [Rev. 3:10] says – I will keep you out of the hour of trial that is coming upon the whole earth.
"There is of course a disagreement as to whether or not we will go through the tribulation, or whether or not we will be raptured ahead of time, and we don't know all the details until it happens. But wouldn't it be wonderful if when we are going up in the sky we could look at all of those posttribbers and say with a smile 'I told you it was so'? Wouldn't that be wonderful to be able to do that?"
The congregation immediately applauded.
Note that Lutzer twice used the word "wonderful" when asking his audience how wonderful it would be to use spiteful pride against the only "rapture" view found in all theology books and organized churches before the year 1830: the posttribulation view!
On the "Moody Church Hour" web site the same day (July 29) Lutzer wrote that "great benefit was derived from John Stott's book WHAT CHRIST THINKS OF THE CHURCH when these messages [on Revelation's seven churches] were prepared."
Incredibly, the Stott that Lutzer leaned on disagrees completely with Lutzer. The same Stott book, p. 104, says this: "He would not spare them from the suffering [Rev. 3:10]; but He would uphold them in it."
It would be wonderful if Erwin Lutzer would visit Google and type in "Famous Rapture Watchers" and "Famous Rapture Watchers (Addendum)." Not only would he spot the very same Stott quote, but in the same summaries he would also discover that all of the greatest Greek New Testament scholars of all time have uniformly viewed Rev. 3:10 (the most important "proof text" for pretribbers) as teaching "preservation through" and not "escaping beforehand"! ("Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" is another informative Google article.)
One wonders what will have to happen to change the Moody pastor's mood.
August 2, 2012 at 12:10 am | Report abuse | Reply

(above submitted by Dominick)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this blog is so hot with incredible info I find that I have to wear asbestos gloves when typing and wear sunglasses when viewing the articles! Buddy