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Gilad Atzmon’s book, The Wandering Who, Could Be the Last Piece of the Jewish Puzzle!

I have read this great book and instantly wanted to write and let the author know how grateful I am with this new found knowledge that answered questions that have been on my mind for decades.

After reading and studying the Bible for close to 40 years now, I’m certain (as my books detail) that there are profound answers to the oft asked questions: What is a Jew? Who is a Jew? Who is Israel? Is it a state, a nation? a land? Is it a race people, a religion or an ideology?

Gilad Atzmon’s book provided me with more insights to these questions than any other book I have ever read, especially the ideological, personal mindset that is inculcated in the hearts of those who call themselves "Jew" ~ 

I did not become motivated (or rather inspired) to write this piece until I recently heard Gilad Atzmon being interviewed by Dennis Bernstein on Pacific Radio (KPFA-FM) along with Rabbi Michael Lerner. In addition to discussing the issues concerning the State of Israel, Atzmon (who is a renowned Jazz musician) closed the interview by playing his saxophone, live on the air, which touched me deeply as I heard his heart and soul in the short piece he provided the audience. As I heard his brief melodious soliloquy, all that I had read in his book became even more profound than his written words.
As a journalist and minister of the Gospel, my main duty is to seek truth! I have devoted my life to this noble journey by reading and studying as much information as I can in order to present and share with my audience empirical data that illuminates rather converts anyone to any one belief system.

For the most part, I have accepted the word of God (the Bible) as the closest thing to truth possible because the Bible itself claims to be the vehicle with which God has spoken to His creation (2 Samuel 22:31,Psalm 18:30, Proverbs 30:5, Isaiah 40:8, Acts 20:32, 2 Corinthians 4:2, Colossians 1:25, 1 Thessalonians 2:13, 2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Timothy 2:15). Over and above reading and studying the word of God, I have spent close to 40 years digging deeper into what many words and phrases contained in the Bible truly mean, through the study of the Greek and Hebrew languages, as well as studying figures of speech and the etymology of key words, which have provided me with greater insight to what God has been trying to convey to His chosen children of promise, and mankind as well.

As I began my research to write my two books The End Times Passover [Etymological Challenges to Millenarian Doctrines] and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation [The Sequel to The End Times Passover], one of the most difficult tasks was making the proper identification concerning the words Israel and Jew mentioned in both the Old and the New Testaments. One of the first books I read that helped me understand the role Israel has played in the Old Testament was The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation written by Philip Mauro in 1944. Since completing my books (for the most part) in 1986 (I began writing them in 1984), I have read many other great books about Israel and the Jews, including The Israel of God, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, by O. Palmer Robertson, and The Israel of God in Prophecy by Hans K. LaRondelle, published in 1983. This last book is probably the most well-written book in the market for its Bible-based acumen. For that matter, had I read LaRondelle’s book back in 1983, I would never have written mine because the content is almost identical to what I have written in my tome. Nevertheless, the most redeeming aspect of these two books is they biblically validated my exhaustive twenty five years of research . Since then, I have read many other books, including The Invention of the Jewish People, by Shlomo Sand, one of the books mentioned in Gilad Atzmon’s book, The Wandering Who.

Another great book I read to hopefully discern many of the questions I have always had concerning Israel and who (or what) are the Jewish people was The Jewish Dilemma, written by Elmer Berger (himself an avowed Jew) written in 1945, before the state of Israel was proclaimed the official homeland for the Jewish people. In his book, Berger made a statement that resonated loudly for me concerning questions that Gilad Atzmon clearly answers, covering all aspects of the “Jewish” question that I have had for over 40 years: Berger states at the beginning of his book:

“The Western World, especially in the last few decades, has become increasingly confused about the status of Jews – whether or not they should be considered as a “separate people” or a “race.” Jews themselves, no less than Christians, have been, and are, confused about it. A Jewish periodical The Reconstructionist, editorialized on this subject some time ago as follows: We have not yet determined whether we are to use the term race, religion, nation or culture to clarify the nature of our Jewish entity and identity.”
My first thought after reading this book, was, “If these folks don’t know who or what they are, how can we (goyim) know?”
Well? Guess what? Gilad Atzmon answers each and every one of these questions in extensive detail, reaching deeply into his own heart and soul and looking inwardly into his own experience, as a lad born and raised in the state of Israel, a member of and serving in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and indoctrinated into the entire Jewish (and Zionism) culture from day one.
In his book, Atzmon covers the entire “Jewish” issue as few ever have been willing to do (or brave enough) to expose these deep-seeded issues that (according to family, friends and Israeli government officials) should never be discussed in the public square, much less among each other. Some Jews won’t even discuss these matters behind closed doors with their own spouses. It's no wonder he is being attacked by Zionist Jews (and even by some Christians who are active in Palestinian cause), being called an Anti-Semitic, Jew Hater, and self-hating Jew, more so than Hitler experienced.
Atzmon goes deeply inside his culture, daring to be vulnerable to all the world by exposing his own personal experiences, and answers in great detail questions concerning Jewish ‘Identity vs Indentifying,’ ‘Unconsciousness is the Discourse of the Goyim, ’Historicity & Factuality vs Fantasy & Phantasm, and connects the dots about this ”dare-to-even-question" any Jew concerning the truth, history and integrity required to call oneself a human being. While I have learned much about the role that the Patriarchs (from Abraham down through the Apostle Paul), and the role the original 12 Tribes of Israel played in the Old Testament, there is no way that I could trust and expose my own perceptions of the Jewish people's mindset anymore than they could understand the lives of poor Latino peasants and laborers who cross the Mexican border without documentation seeking solely for the opportunity to work to feed their children.  This is why Atzmon's book was crucial for me to understand better the Jewish mindset. In his dissertation, he not only breaks down the perceived notions many have about the Jew, he not only examines in depth the various cross sections contain within the goyim perception of what a Jew is, he lay bare the variety of self-perceived notions that exists among the Jew himself. Over and above giving us an overview of the perception amid those who identify their "Jewishness" in the racial, religious, cultural or political camps, he unveils various sub sets within these four major groups. He not only explains how some Jews have drifted from these four major segments, he provides the reader with insights as to how and why these subsets came into existence and also why the proverbial question as to who or what is a Jew has become muddy waters more so for the Jew than those who desire to understand who or what they really are. Not that Atzmon confuses the general question with vague answers as he describes the subsets, but that it is the Jew who knows less about who they are than we do. I can clearly see how easy it was for Atzmon to arrive at the title of his book: The Wandering Who?
After years and years of study, I can pinpoint specific scripture to prove and validate the true destiny of the original Israelites based on the misunderstood (and misinterpreting of scripture) notions that are used as political mantra by right-wing evangelical Christians, whose rhetoric is being espoused by religious-opportunists such as John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, and the majority of modern day American Christians, who incessantly promote and financially support the leaders of the state of Israel to use military force to conquer (who they claim are their enemies) the indigenous people in Palestine, and others nations in the Middle East. John Hagee and so-called "faith Healer" Benny Hinn actually pray on television before an audience of millions for the US to bomb Iran and other so-called enemies of the state of Israel. I wonder what Jesus would say about that?
Today (and through the modern day communications vehicle called the Internet), there are a plethora of groups who devote much time castigating Jews only to see many of them quickly defending themselves by using reverse psychological techniques, such as invoking the much hackneyed and no longer relevant phrase, “Anti-Semitism” against anyone who even asks the question: "What is a Jew?”
Many of my secular (conspiratorial-minded) friends blame all Jewish people for all the world's problems in their vitriolic polemics, while most of my evangelical Christian friends call me a heretic when I write articles questioning Zionists and what I believe is a more sinister agenda than merely establishing a permanent homeland for the Jewish people. They believe I am personally attacking Jewish people (or their race) when I question the true motives behind those who support the government leaders of Israel, because these Bible naive Israel groupies believe God demands this from us or we will be cursed. 

Whether they are Jewish or (Gentile) Christians, little do many of these folks know (although I do share with a few of them) that Jewish people have played an important part in my life since childhood. I had many Jewish mentors in my early career in the business, media and political world, and, more importantly, my daughter is half Mexican and half Jewish from a former marriage to a lady that lasted for 23 years, whose parents were Jews who came from Russia. I know and have lived in a co-Jewish cultural existence throughout the majority of my life. I also recently found out that my grandfather, who was born and raised in Castel de Vida, a quaint village outside of Lisbon, Portugal, where there is an atmospheric medieval Judiaria, or Jewish Quarter, where time seems to have stood still, with cobbled streets and whitewashed houses (most of them with Gothic doorways and potted plants on the doorsteps). There in that little township sits the oldest synagogue in the entire country, although all that remains is one modest little room. I was told early on in my youth by some relatives that my grandfather, prior to coming to the US when he was 25 years old, may have been or was probably Jewish; but we paid no mind to that notion. During that period of my life, being raised under impoverished conditions, ethnic heritage didn’t seem important to hard-working kids picking dates and grapes while being raised in a predominately poor agricultural Mexican neighborhood in southern California. Who truly knows if Semitic blood flows through veins covered by my dark brown skin? One thing is for certain, I have never had any ant-Semitic (nor anti racial) thoughts towards any one single group.

Reading Atzmon's book is timely for me. While my ministry entails writing blogs and articles about the Gospel, my efforts have gravitated toward more research on the birth of Zionism, due to the fact that the subject predominates the media and the Internet like never before in the history of mankind. Maybe it’s due to the racial-religious conflicts that have accelerated more so since 9/11. Now, with the insights provided me by Atzmon's book, I can write articles that will put the entire issue in greater perspective, and clearly point fingers at those who are truly responsible for the ills of this world without anyone accusing me of hating Jews, but rather those leaders who care more about money and power than they do issues of the soul.

While most American Christians believe they have to support the government of Israel, solely based on their misinterpretation of Genesis 12:3, how can they support of group who doesn't know who they are to begin with? Genesis 12:3 was a promise by God that He would bless those who blessed Abraham and his faith-believing (not physical) descendants, as is proven by Galatians 3:6-9 and Galatians 4:22-31. My many years of Bible studies reveals that claim is not theologically valid.
These studies so far have led me to the fact that that the original Puritans who escaped Western Europe from the ‘church-state-oligarchy’ control over their religious liberty actually planted the seed for Zionism to flourish, based (as usual) on their failure to properly interpret scripture. Before then, most Jews throughout the world were willing to live in any country that would accept them, albeit their one main goal was to eventually have a land of their own, and not necessarily in Palestine. Since the early 1700’s the quest for their own land has grown exponentially, boosted by the Rothschild Financial Empire’s diabolical schemes, which quickly got a foothold on what Americans called “The New Promised Land” during its embryonic state, which continues to control its destiny to this day.

I am convinced (based on 40 years of the study) that the key to overturning this diabolical agenda (which sadly Christian Zionists erroneously support) is to present evidence that the orthodox Christian doctrine as is clearly written and stated in the Bible has been usurped and held captive by Pharisaical forces going back as far as its birth. But it received its biggest boost when ultra Zionists agents at the commands of the Rothschild dynasty, were sent to America to poison the Gospel. Time nor space prevents us from going into well documented details, but the Rothschild empire used agents such as Samuel Untermeyer, Jacob Schiff and British preacher John Nelson Darby to influence and fund a defrocked American preacher by the name of C.I. Scofield to rewrite the King James Bible in the early 1900's. Scofield wrote margins in his version to reflect that key scripture passages should be applied and attributed to Jews migrating to Palestine, rather than the Patriarchs in the Old Testament. That altered Bible version today is called the New Scofield Bible, which is the version used in most American seminaries, which turn out thousands of Christian preachers and pastors who are teaching unbiblical notions to mainstream Christians.
Scripture provides the key to begin the undoing of this big lie, which (when studied carefully) the issue as to whether the government of Israel has a mandate from God to occupy that Middle East region is really not based on the Bible. Rather it’s a politically devised fantasy and extension of the Pharisaical cabal's greed and lust for power, those who lost control of their religious Jewish adherents, who defected Judaism and instead adopted Jesus as their Messiah, which was evidenced after the visible and historically recorded physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Old Jerusalem is not The Promised Land! The wars and contentions going back after Rome razed Jerusalem in 70 AD rages on because their adherents would rather believe the Pharisaical cabal of money-changers will restore their power over humanity. These diabolically-influenced and controlled Pharisees (who now call themselves Zionists), have plotted from day one to get the power back Jesus took away from them when He paid the price at the cross and redeemed God's Kingdom forever!. They will not quit until they have destroyed Christianity (and all other religions, as well) and establish their godless New World Order. Sadly, the majorities of American Christians are on their side and are supporting their agenda!!
In this world, there are bad Jews and good Jews, bad Mexicans and good Mexicans, bad Asians, blacks, Germans, Italians, and whites, and good ones as well. It bodes well for us to learn and know the differences and to learn to appreciate their respective cultures. However, to believe that any one of these groups is far superior to the other is the biggest lie ever foisted on mankind.
One big revelation I gained by reading Atzmon’s book (although he didn’t specifically state as such) is, whether Jewish persons identify themselves as a racial, religious, cultural, political or ideologically, they best be able to prove their respective claim to such, and prove their connection to the ancient Israelites that God chose to represent His will and decrees. More importantly, whichever identity they choose, they must be prepared to share with the world how that specific identity doesn’t fit the Pharisaical agenda that is pursuing world domination, beginning first by conquering indigenous peoples that have lived in that region for centuries, and now is basing its headquarters in that Middle East parcel of land called Israel!
To those Jews (and especially Christians) who believe the lie of political Zionism, I can only recommend highly that they read Gilad Atzmon’s book, The Wandering Who, to learn that there are millions of Jewish people throughout the world (as well as others), who genuinely care about their fellow man and are willing to live a peaceful co-existence with any other ethnic group or peoples. At the other end of that spectrum, exists a Pharisaical cabal that cares nothing about humanity other than their own lust for power and to fill their pockets with lucre, at the expense (and labor) of poor peoples. Are these the same people that Aztmon examines so deftly in his tome, or are they merely unwitting pawns of diabolical forces, and/or a philosophy that is unfortunately consistent with their prideful rants?

Hopefully, in addition to bringing these issues to the forefront, many will read Atzmon’s revelatory book and (hopefully again) these strident ideologues will learn to place self-proclaiming Jews and or their political Zionist counterparts in an appropriate perspective.
Hopefully, some of them will recognize what God did for mankind when He sent His only begotten son to die on the cross to pay for their sins and allow them to become part of a nation that will reign for an eternity with Him. Hopefully before He returns to rule His administration on earth, forever!
If they wait until after His return, it will probably be too late!

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