Sunday, May 03, 2009

Right Wing Evangelicals and Their Teachers Are To Blame for Rising Scorn Against Christianity!

A former radio and television talk show host turned author today stated that right wing evangelical rhetoric is the main cause of the rising scorn against Christianity. Joe Ortiz, author of two books that challenge the Left Behind, and Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrines, blames many of the right-wing evangelical groups in this country for creating a division among Christians who do not support their theological and politicial mission.

“Let’s face it, the left wing’s recent political success (including Barack Obama’s re-election to the Presidency) is a back lash against the last two decades of gains made by right wing evangelicals who have embedded themselves deeply within the neo-conservative faction of the last administration,” said Ortiz, author of The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation.

“Those folks (on the left side of American political arena) simply got tired of hearing from sanctimonious right wing Republicans and their moralistic rhetoric,” said Ortiz, “who at the same time were stumbling over their own weak-willed behavior.”

Ortiz, who has the distinction of being the first Mexican American to host a talk show on an English-language, commercial radio station (KABC-AM, Los Angeles, 1971), said not a day goes by where he doesn’t see hundreds of news stories where Christians are being attacked for not supporting same sex marriages, and for many other amoral issues that all human beings experience; as well as their twisted rhetoric concerning deep-seeded political issues among and between Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

“These Holier than thou evangelicals, of which a majority believe Jesus is going to rescue them from a decadent society, and take them to heaven while all hell breaks loose on earth, are giving reasons and inspiration to those on the left to retaliate more harshly against the Christian dogma than in the past,” added Ortiz.

Ortiz said these ersatz theologian agitators are mainly comprised of right wing political ideologues who have been advising their political friends throughout the country, from city hall and all the way up to the White house, to support an aggressive military campaign against all innocent people in the Middle East.

Ortiz said he is not afraid of pointing out the main characters of this specious Zionist rhetoric, stating that authors and evangelists such as Jerry Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Mike Evans, Pat Robertson and many others cannot not deny this agenda.

“These people are actually spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric under their breath and under the cloak of religiosity that calls for punishment-to-repentance and conversion of Israelites (and Jews) to Christianity, an accomplishment they believe has to happen before they can usher in their so-called Pre-Tribulation Rapture to Heaven mythology,” said Ortiz. "At the same time, they are sending millions of dollars in support of the rogue state of Israel, believing they are God's chosen people. You can't have it both ways!"

Ortiz said he is not alone in his conclusion that these individuals are promoting false doctrines. He said his colleagues are a minority of authors, educators and theologians who have biblical proof to refute their falsehoods, but they don’t have the Zionist-funded pulpit to prove their point. Ortiz said he and many others who have biblical evidence to crush their rhetoric, and they accuse the publishers of Left Behind ideology of ignoring the truth because their books are making them millions of dollars. Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind” books have sold over 65 million copies.

“We know that the publishers of books written by Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins and Hal Lindsey will not publish books like ours (which can prove their doctrines are wrong),” said Ortiz, “But we do know that some time soon, their mythologies will be overturned and true Christianity will prevail.”

Ortiz said that true Christians seek peace, not war; true Christians do not condemn other people for their respective beliefs. He said their goal is to convert them to Jesus by their loving and caring example, and not by promoting a titillating and soothing doctrine such as "Left Behind."

“The true Christian’s goal is to feed the poor, tend to the infirm, and preach the Gospel of salvation,” said Ortiz.

“We represent true Christians who know that peace can never be attained through political nor military might, but whose blessed hope is the eventual return of Christ to establish eternal peace.”

For more information about the author and his books, blogs and web sites, please click on Joe Ortiz.