Tuesday, October 18, 2011

God’s Breastplate of Armor Trumps The Red Shield!

     It is becoming apparent that my blog posts, articles and other messages are creating concern for some folks. I speak of those who who do not believe the Bible is the word of God and His candid message to mankind.
     Those who are becoming offended (or who realize God’s word is exposing their fallacious attempts to drive a politically-correct wedge between God and His truly “Chosen People”) are becoming more skittish than ever before. Those of us who have been blessed with the Holy Spirit gift of “Discernment” recognize that it is not Jews, Muslims nor Christian radicals who are fomenting the rampant chaos throughout the world, but rather, it’s the Pharisaical, Kabbalistically baptized hoard who promote the cleverly disguised Zionism agenda: World Domination by Demonic Elitist.
     Many well-intended Christians point fingers at the Jewish people, as well as Muslims (who both want to live in peace but are branded as the cause of today’s chaos) and are accusing them of foisting acrimonious wars against each other. But it is not them who are at fault; it is the clever and ingenious demonically possessed sons and daughters of the family known (henceforth) as The “RED SHIELD.”  They know who they are, and many of us know them just as well!
     They began control (and birthed) the ingenious financial formulae centuries ago to manipulate government funds and its people. They also formed media and public relations advocacy groups as their swords to battle any who would even question their intentions (or racial make-up), and they live and freely walk among us, lying and manipulating your lives and every move you make.
     The RED SHIELD hates those of us who speak out and expose their agenda. They know who we are! They read our messages and they are not pleased. Demons are never pleased when God’s word is used to expose them. They try to coerce and intimidate us, subtly at first. And when this doesn’t work, they crank it up a notch or two. If that doesn’t stop us, they take the ultimate course of action. They will kill us, just as they have killed thousands upon thousands who stood up to their diabolical machinations. They know where we live. They have tapped our phones, and made many attempts to destroy our computers with virus; they have intimidated our friends and family members to pressure us to stop speaking forth the truth of the word of God! In some cases, they have succeeded in turning our own family and fellow church members against us, even our own children. Many of them even now believe that we are the heretics and are going against God’s will.
     They have become so convinced that we are the enemy that they will be proud to pull the trigger on the very guns the Red Shield will use to kill us. They fail to realize that we do not fear temporary death compared to the eternal death and torment they will face in the Lake of Fire when Jesus Christ returns.
     Paranoia?  Conspiracy whacked? Senility kicking in?
     Just tired of trying to be ‘politically correct’ with demons who reside among us, and with those who ignore the warning signs, and simply roll over!
     It is they, the Red Shield, who subtly launched the Pre-Tribulation Rapture to Heaven plot, to detract us away from the impending reality that Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation. Sadly, many Christian leaders, especially those who adhere to the Premillennial Dispensationalism doctrines, continue to drink and feed that same Kool Aid to well-intended believers. They are lulling children of God into a false comfort zone; as well as confusing them with non-Bible notions that God still has geopolitical promises to fulfill to various ethnic groups. All promises made by God in the Old Testament were fulfilled by Jesus Christ at the cross.
     Therefore, to my many beloved friends, relatives and other loved ones who know Christ, His mercy, grace, and loving kindness, put on the full armor of God, His almighty breastplate of righteousness, to withstand the fiery darts from the RED SHIELD, and be ready to lay down your life for your brother. That time is upon us and could very well cost us our lives!
     Is your commitment to Jesus Christ strong enough to endure this trial?

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