Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seven Biblical Answers to Common Zionist Assumptions by Stephen Sizer

      The ongoing conflict in the Middle East, between the state of Israel and the Palestinian people is the open nerve that is wreaking havoc on the entire world.
      Sadly, so many evangelicals fail to realize they contribute to this conflict by supporting the leadership of the state of Israel believing that God requires their support in order to be blessed by Him. This belief is not supported by the Bible.
      I have written about his problem for years and much proof is contained in my two books, if only people would take the time to read them. If you can't afford to buy them, I give PDF copies away for FREE ~
      Nevertheless, my dear friend Stephen Sizer (whose books also provide proof that the government of Israel is not in God's future plans) has written an excellent article that provides all the scripture anyone needs to recognize that "Zionists" have captured the minds of the citizens of Israel and and well-intended American evangelicals, to support a corrupt group of elitists who want to control the world. Please read the Bible facts by clicking this link: Seven Biblical Answers to Common Zionist Assumptions by Stephen Sizer


Anonymous said...

Sizer is wiser than most Bible teachers and he has inspired these thoughts of mine:

Jews are the "Chosen" People

Jews have been "chosen" to persecute and slay their own prophets, and even betray and murder Jesus, their own Messiah (Acts 7:52)!
Jews have been "chosen" to turn away, in large numbers, from the faith God gave them. While they've had 4000 years to become first-class apostates, Christians have had only 2000 years to depart from their own faith. But the Christians seem to be trying hard to catch up with the Jews!
Jews have been "chosen" to back-stab their best friends (Christians) by pushing for laws restricting Christians' freedom of speech and religious practice, as allowed by the US Constitution!
Jews have been "chosen" to promote and participate in the predicted end time world government during which time a huge percentage of all humans will die - when Christians will be the most hated persons on earth!
So how can anyone dispute the claim that the Jews are the "Chosen" people?

(Thanks, Joe Ortiz, for bringing us the thoughts of some of the greatest thinkers of today.)


Anonymous said...

I like the way Aleister expresses things. Since Jews choose to do the things he mentioned, in a sense they have "chosen" to be the ones doing them! It would be great if all of them would choose eternal life by letting Jesus the Christ prove to themselves who He really is. Gisele

Anonymous said...

Your blog is refreshingly honest and therefore distinctive and I congratulate you. I appreciate very much the insightful words of Stephen Sizer who tells it like it is. As Christians, we are commanded to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to everyone. Can anyone explain why the late Jerry Falwell seemed to avoid meeting with Christian Arabs when he visited Israel? Was he afraid he would offend his Jewish hosts? Of course we know what would have happened if Jerry had preached the Gospel to the Jews in Israel. The welcome mat would have been instantly withdrawn! Since Jesus died for everyone (including the Jews) and wants us to witness to everyone (including the Jews), should we ever get involved in entangling alliances with anyone (including the Jews) which keeps us from fulfilling the Great Commission? Thanks, Joe and Stephen, for teaching what the Word of God really says! Andres