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     Hal (Harold Lee) Lindsey, a rapturous prophet without a single rapture so far, keeps rapturizing  (sic) through his Hal Lindsey Report even in his upper eighties.
     And he's still seen by some as an expert on dating as long as certain facts remain hidden.
     Hal's flirting with dates came out in the open in his 1970 mega-seller "The Late Great Planet Earth."
     Many still don't know that his "Late Great" (which blended in science-fiction and the occult, including pyramidology, with scripture!) came out on the heels of Curt Gentry's 1968 science-fiction thriller about an earthquake devastating all of the Golden State. Curt's title: "The Last Days of the Late, Great State of California."
     My book "The Three R's" quoted the late (and truly great) British scholar F. F. Bruce who referred to "the influence of Hal Lindsey and his religious 'science-fiction' (more fiction than science)."
     Hal's "Late Great" (p. 54) stated that "a generation in the Bible is something like forty years." He then said that "within forty years or so of 1948 [the birth of Israel], all these things could take place." 
     In short, Hal made many think that the second coming to earth could occur in 1988 and that the rapture - seven years earlier - could take place in 1981.
     Hal psyched up his readers to warmly embrace his 1981 date by issuing The Terminal Generation  (1976) and "The 1980's: Countdown to Armageddon" (1980) - and the 1981 pretrib rapture date became even more attractive when compared with the horrible, city-smashing lineup of planets called "The Jupiter Effect" which Hal repeatedly claimed would happen the following year in 1982 and could help to bring on the great tribulation!
     Since these fizzles, date-setter Hal has seemingly divorced himself from specific predictions and relied basically on "the rapture is imminent" statements.
     I have a suggestion. Some have declared that a Biblical generation can be 70 years long. Since 2018 is 70 years after 1948, Hal could continue to hold the hand of the Goddess of Mammon and with his other hand quickly write a book focusing on a 70-year generation and add another million to his estimated net worth of 15 million dollars (according to online site ""). Also Google "Hal Lindsey's personal life (Wikipedia)."
     My books have long covered Lindsey and I discuss him on 16 pages in my most important work on pretrib rapture history, my 300-page book "The Rapture Plot."
     For some other info about Hal, Google "Pretrib Hypocrisy," "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty," "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy?," "Hal Lindsey's Pretrib Rapture Proof," and "Evangelicals Use Occult Deception." 
     Finally, let me end this composition by saying that I don't care a fig for date-setters!
     I am happy to recommend two excellent scholarly and readable books by my good friend Joe Ortiz which thoroughly demolish Lindsey's arguments for a pretrib rapture, namely, "The End Times Passover" and "Why Christians Will Suffer 'Great Tribulation.' "

Dave MacPherson. What People are saying
What They Are Saying About ... THE RAPTURE PLOT!                                                                           
Gary DeMar (President American Vision): "A majority of prophecy writers and speakers teach that the church will be raptured before a future tribulational period. But did you know that prior to about 1830 no such doctrine existed. No one in all of church history ever taught pretribulational rapture. Dave MacPherson does the work of a journalistic private investigator to uncover the truth....The Rapture Plot is the never-before-told true story of the plot - how plagiarism and subtle document changes created the 'mother of all revisionisms.' A fascinating piece of detective work." Robert H. Gundry (Professor Westmont College): "As usual MacPherson out hustles his opponents in research on primary sources. C. S. Lovett (President Personal Christianity): You don't read very much of Dave MacPherson's work before you realize he is a dedicated researcher. Because his work has been so honest and open his latest work The Rapture Plot has produced many red faces among some of the most recognized rapture writers of our time. When their work is compared to his it is embarrassing for them to see how shallow their research is." R. J. Rushdoony (President Chalcedon): "Dave MacPherson has been responsible for major change in the eschatology of evangelical churches by his devastating studies of some of the central aspects thereof. In The Rapture Plot MacPherson tells us of the strange tale of 'rapture' writings, revisions, cover-ups, alterations and confusions. No one has equaled MacPherson in his research on the 'pretrib rapture.' Attempts to discredit his work have failed...."

About the Author: Born 1932 of Scotch/English descent Dave MacPherson is a natural for British historical research. His calling was journalism. Receiving a BA in English in 1955 he spent 26 years as a newsman reporting and filming many notable events persons presidents and dignitaries.

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