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Fear Not For I Have Much People in That City!

There is a tendency for even the most devoted disciples to fear they have no one who they can trust to help and comfort them during their passionate journey with Christ. Obviously the love, care and concern of our savior should be more than sufficient, especially for those who live by themselves and have very little contact with other like-minded humans to provide them what little love, affection and comfort at their disposal.

Many of those who have been chosen for a specific purpose by God realize that the life of a disciple and a prophet can be very lonely, especially those who do not have that special soul-mate in their life, much less a dedicated and committed husband or wife. Those who have been blessed with such a person in their life recognize how blessed they truly are. Those who do not have such a person in their personal lives know that they are at least fortunate enough to have close Christian friends and confidants on social media to fill some of that void.

Recently, as I was studying chapter 18 in the Book of Acts, verse 10 virtually jumped out at me and provided me with such great excitement, comfort and joy: For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city

God (on numerous occasions) has reassured me that He is always with me; however, His statement that He has much people in this city had never registered before. Most people who have few personal friends, loved ones and family close by depend on God’s faithfulness to address most of our needs, yet feel alone most of the time. Nowadays (especially as the birth pangs are increasing exponentially) they feel so alone that even their ministerial duties have slowly been decreasing, and their boldness in the word of God has been affected. 
As knowledge is increasing (to a great extent based on the plethora of new information to be found on the Internet) many visionaries are gaining access to data that is helping many disciples to gain great insights into God’s word, especially by removing unorthodox doctrines (such as Rapture to Heaven, Israel First and Messianic dogma) that fly against the face of the true word of God.
As I followed the lead of the Holy Spirit with this matter, I turned to a classical theologian, Matthew Henry, to see His views about Acts 18:10. Here, Matthew Henry begins to recount the Apostle Paul’s journey in the Church of the Corinthians, and presents us with his observations:

“Many of the Corinthians, who were Gentiles (and some of them persons of bad character, as appears, 1 Co. 6:11, such were some of you), hearing, believed, and were baptized. First, they heard, for faith comes by hearing. Some perhaps came to hear Paul under some convictions of conscience that the way they were in was not right; but it is probable that the most came only for curiosity, because it was a new doctrine that was preached; but, hearing, they believed, by the power of God working upon them; and, believing, they were baptized, and so fixed for Christ, took upon them the profession of Christianity, and became entitled to the privileges of Christians. III. That Paul was encouraged by a vision to go on with his work at Corinth (v. 9): The Lord Jesus spoke to Paul in the night by a vision; when he was musing on his work, communing with his own heart upon his bed, and considering whether he should continue here or no, what method he should take here, and what probability there was of doing good, then Christ appeared very seasonably to him, and in the multitude of his thoughts within him delighted his soul with divine consolations. 

1. He renewed his commission and charge to preach the gospel: "Be not afraid of the Jews; though they are very outrageous, and perhaps the more enraged by the conversion of the chief ruler of their synagogue. Be not afraid of the magistrates of the city, for they have no power against thee but what is given them from above. It is the cause of heaven thou art pleading, do it boldly. Be not afraid of their words, nor dismayed at their looks; but speak, and hold not thy peace; let slip no opportunity of speaking to them; cry aloud, spare not. Do not hold thy peace from speaking for fear of them, nor hold thy peace in speaking' (if I may so say); "do not speak shyly and with caution, but plainly and fully and with courage. Speak out; use all the liberty of spirit that becomes an ambassador for Christ.'

2. He assured him of his presence with him, which was sufficient to animate him, and put life and spirit into him: "Be not afraid, for I am with thee, to protect thee, and bear thee out, and to deliver thee from all thy fears; speak, and hold not thy peace, for I am with thee, to own what thou sayest, to work with thee, and to confirm the word by signs following.' The same promise that ratified the general commission (Mt. 28:19, 20), Lo I am with you always, is here repeated. Those that have Christ with them need not to fear, and ought not to shrink.

3. He gave him a warrant of protection to save him harmless: "No man shall set on thee to hurt thee; thou shalt be delivered out of the hands of wicked and unreasonable men and shalt not be driven hence, as thou wast from other places, by persecution.' He does not promise that no man should set on him (for the next news we hear is that he is set upon, and brought to the judgment-seat, v. 12), but, "No man shall set on thee to hurt thee; the remainder of their wrath shall be restrained; thou shalt not be beaten and imprisoned here, as thou wast at Philippi.' Paul met with coarser treatment at first than he did afterwards, and was now comforted according to the time wherein he had been afflicted. Trials shall not last always, Ps. 66:10-12. Or we may take it more generally: "No man shall set on thee, tou kako┬Ásai se-to do evil to thee; whatever trouble they may give thee, there is no real evil in it. They may kill thee, but they cannot hurt thee; for I am with thee,' Ps. 23:4; Isa. 41:10.

4. He gave him a prospect of success: "For I have much people in this city. Therefore no man shall prevail to obstruct thy work, therefore I will be with thee to own thy work, and therefore do thou go on vigorously and cheerfully in it; for there are many in this city that are to be effectually called by thy ministry, in whom thou shalt see of the travail of thy soul.' Laos esti moi polys-There is to me a great people here. The Lord knows those that are his, yea, and those that shall be his; for it is by his work upon them that they become his, and known unto him are all his works. "I have them, though they yet know me not, though yet they are let captive by Satan at his will; for the Father has given them to me, to be a seed to serve me; I have them written in the book of life; I have their names down, and of all that were given me I will lose none; I have them, for I am sure to have them;' whom he did predestined, those he called. In this city, though it be a very profane wicked city, full of impurity, and the more so for a temple of Venus there, to which there was a great resort, yet in this heap, that seems to be all chaff, there is wheat; in this ore, that seems to be all dross, there is gold. Let us not despair concerning any place, when even in Corinth Christ had much people. IV. That upon this encouragement he made a long stay there (v. 11): He continued at Corinth a year and six months, not to take his ease, but to follow his work, teaching the word of God among them; and, it being a city flocked to from all parts, he had opportunity there of preaching the gospel to strangers, and sending notice of it thence to other countries. He staid so long,

1. For the bringing in of those that were without. Christ had many people there, and by the power of his grace he could have had them all converted in one month or week, as at the first preaching of the gospel, when thousands were enclosed at one cast of the net; but God works variously. The people Christ has at Corinth must be called in by degrees, some by one sermon, others by another; we see not yet all things put under Christ. Let Christ's ministers go on in their duty, though their work be not done all at once; nay, though it be done but a little at a time, (Matthew Commentary on Acts 18:10).”

Praise God!

Thank you Matthew Henry for your wisdom and insights into the word of God!

It’s easy to understand how many of us disciples can be worn down by the plethora of propaganda we are faced with on a daily basis; especially by those who are preaching about the impending New World Order, and the Secret Societies who are orchestrating their Satanic plot, as are those who dabble greatly with the paranormal anomalies such as Nephilim, UFO and Transnationalism, and even the Gay horde of emasculating demons that have been let loose in attempts to destroy the family unit as God intended from the beginning. While much of this immoral crusade has been launched and grows stronger each day, we are reminded that we are not alone and that God has many people in our respective cities that are fighting the same battles we are. They may not all be on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, but they are out there praying and actively exposing all of these sinister plots that are trying to destroy the church and turn our cities into brothels of the most decadent and vile lifestyles imaginable.

Remember! There are more of us out there than the myriad of demons on the loose, who know they will be losing this great battle, because we serve a faithful, forgiving and sustaining God, who deserves all the glory for who He is and what He accomplished on the cross in the person of Jesus Christ! 

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