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    Most  (true disciples of Christ) Christians realize that we do not war against flesh and blood (meaning our fellow human beings) but the battle includes primarily principalities and evil spirits in high places, meaning demonic entities, (Ephesians 6:10-13)  . A good example is when loved ones end up arguing, afterwards they hold grudges and are unwilling to forgive and forget because they sincerely believe their nemesis is at fault. To a great degree this is true; however, they fail to realize that there are demonic forces all around us, pricking our hearts and minds with lies and malevolent attacks designed to cause friction and division. For those who recognize this reality, they are usually the ones to quickly make amends and begin the healing process. After the forgiveness process begins, both parties will normally begin to apologize and tell each other they did not mean it, they just lost their cool.
    However, there are daily battles that are ongoing where these demonic spirits intensify their efforts because many individuals have opened their spiritual domains by actually entertaining (and even hosting) demonic spirits into their lives by imbibing in pernicious and pleasurable lies and activities that go contrary to the will of God. Most certainly, there are millions of individuals who have been felled by drugs and alcohol and involvement with supernatural phenomenon that controlled their lives for decades. Those who have been freed from these demonic anomalies through the power of God (by virtue of the prayers and support from loved ones) are eternally grateful for their deliverance.
    Unfortunately, there is a myriad of youth (and even adults) who are falling victim to demonic forces, by entertaining and eventually believing in new philosophies being implanted in their minds and hearts by liberal elements intent on destroying their moral and physical standards. I could spend days listing them; however, most folks know what they are.
     Sadly, many youth (and even adults) are unaware of the origin of such diabolical anomalies that go contrary to the will and word of God. Provocateurs of these anomalies have been among us from the very beginning, starting with the (Satanic) serpent when he tempted and told Eve she would become like God when he urged her to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge between good and evil. Those Satanic-bred forces (you can call them Illuminati, Bilderbergs, Jesuits, Freemasons, Zionists Jews, it doesn’t matter) their intent has been to poison the hearts and mind of mankind to turn against its creator, especially Jesus Christ!
    Many of you use social media to preach your new found knowledge of God and the Gospel, hopefully to reach those who are lost. Many of you use this pulpit to show off your vast knowledge of the Bible (and or your specific doctrine), hopefully to gain points with God. Fine! What many of you fail to realize is that you do not have to become an Internet missionary (or even travel to Israel, Iran, Iraq or other foreign countries) to fulfill your calling. As a matter of fact, if you pay close attention, you will find the harvest fields right in your own hometown and, maybe, even inside your own home!
     Naw! Not our own kids?
    Yes, we love our children and will do anything for them. Many (mothers especially) love to shower their sons and daughters with lavish gifts and other ingratiating amenities, most often to curry their favor, loyalty and even their adoration. These can do no wrong in their parents' eyes.
    But many of you have no idea what your own children are doing right behind your back, right here on the Internet and social media outlets like Facebook. You are so busy with your so-called “ministry” you have failed to research exactly what your own child is doing, sometimes right in front of you.
    Take the time to do a little trolling of your own and view the various pages of your kids’ blogs, web sites and yes, even their Facebook pages. You will be amazed! Unfortunately, I can attest to this due to a recent revelation I experienced when I decided to view the pages and photo sections of some of my nieces and nephews and even sons and daughters. I was shocked! Not only were their photos shocking to say the least. I was flummoxed to see that some of my own beloved relatives were actually not only posting demonic photos, but were listing various diabolic and pornographic web sites they visit on a regular basis.
    What does one do about this? Obviously you do not want your family and friends to continue in a path that will result in them losing their salvation. You most certainly do not want to call them up and begin blasting them with the Gospel across their face. They will probably tell you to take a hike. 
    However, you can begin a dialogue by telling them you were wondering how things are going with their life, and that you are there to help them anyway you can. They may open up and begin sharing with you because you have expressed a genuine concern. 
    But, be forewarned! Before even doing that, share this with genuine spirit-filled folks you trust and enter into a season of prayer, first and foremost.

    As a guide, I am including a link to The Book of Jude which will help you to better understand this important issue.
     Think about it, that your own kids, relatives and close friends could end up missing out on spending an eternity with you and Jesus Christ because you failed to snatch them out of the flames!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Joe, Thank you for your important and riveting article. Can easily sympathize with your concerns. Families everywhere are having problems with their children - beings that Satan would love to kidnap for his infernal kingdom. I and my wife will be praying for you and the welfare of your family members. Thanks for sharing and God bless.