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"Prologue" to the Book, The End Times Passover, Provides the Key To Understanding Stages of "Great" Tribulation

[Please, unless you are a serious student of the Rapture Theory, one who examines as much evidence as possible to verify various claims made by others concerning God's word, you should not even bother to read this post.]

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The debate as to what point in the so-called Great Tribulation Jesus decides to return to Rapture His church to Heaven has been the biggest monkey wrench in eschatological history.

The three main theories include Jesus experiencing what theorists call them a Pre, Mid or Post-Trib return (many now throw in a "Pre-Wrath theory into the mix), and all of these doctrinal positions are based on the assumption that there is a seven year period in the future that theorists now call "The Great Tribulation." This phrase has become extremely popular by most modern-day evangelical Christians, and has been coined as a pronoun (as if it is indeed a true fact) primarily by those who support the Premillennial Dispensationalism doctrine, which is based on numerous theories they have developed on their interpretation of certain prophecies found in the Book of Daniel.

The dispensational interpretation begins the 490 years with the permission Artaxerxes I Longimanus gave to NehemiahNehemiah 2:5-8. This is dated by most dispensationalists to 445 BCE (e.g. Sir Robert Anderson), but by some to 444 BCE. The “messiah” at the end of the 7+62 weeks is Jesus Christ, but because 7+62 = 69 weeks = 483 years from 445/4 BCE would extend to about CE 40—far beyond the lifetime of Christ—the 483 years are reduced to 476 years by interpreting these 490 years as "prophetic years" each consisting of only 360 literal days. Consequently the 483 years end with the crucifixion in CE 33 or 32. The 70th week is separated from the 69th week by a vast gap of over nineteen centuries. The entire "church age" is a gap during which the prophetic clock has stopped ticking. The 70th week does not start until the end of the church age, when the church will be "raptured” from the earth. During the 70th week the Antichrist—a revived Roman tyrant that will oppose God—will oppress the Jews and bring upon the world, during the latter half of a delayed seventieth week, a 3½ year tribulation.

The dispensational interpretation of the chronological scheme of Daniel 9:24-27 is very widely used today in the English-speaking world and beyond. Of the leading voices the following are representative JA Seiss,[45] Sir Robert Anderson,[46]The Scofield Reference Bible;[47] LS Chafer;[48] AJ McClain[49] and HA Ironside.[50]

One can very well imagine how complex and confusing these theories have become. Nevertheless, they have been taught at most seminaries and churches throughout the country, since 1917, adding to the theological confusion, and driving even serious students down rabbit holes they will never be able to escape from. Bottom line, through numerous acts of juxtaposing certain scripture, developing many formula of the various numbers mentioned in the Book of Daniel, theorists throughout history have come to agree that out of all of these numerical theories, humanity will have to deal with a specific period of seven long years of persecution and wrath, called "The Great Tribulation."

However, these theorists contend that born again believers will be spared these horrors because somewhere in between those seven years, Jesus will supposedly come out of Heaven (in secret, no less) and "catch up" His church to have a meeting in the sky with Him, and then will be whisked up to heaven to avoid the impending horror that all of mankind will experience because they did not trust in Jesus Christ!

In an effort to help serious students of the Bible (especially the eschatological aspects) I am hereby posting the "Prologue" to my book, The End Times Passover, which contains keys that will help put these various theories into proper perspective, and hopefully remove any notions that the phrases "Pre, Mid, Post" and even "Pre-Wrath" should even be considered in the discussion.

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