Saturday, August 10, 2013

How Can Rapture Proponents Call Their Position "Pre", "Mid", or "Post-Trib (or Even "Pre-Wrath") When There Will Be No "Great Tribulation" Period?

The ongoing debate as to when the Rapture of God's saints to Heaven will occur, predominates most discussions between eschatologists and students of 'Prophecy.' The most popular view is that this event happens seven years before the so-called "Great Tribulation period, which is called  the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Others believe it happens in between a seven year period of time (Mid-Tribulation), and many others believe Christians will experience the Post Tribulation Rapture, which proponents claim will not occur until (or immediately preceding) the return of Jesus Christ. There are also a growing group of eschatologists who believe in what they call the "Pre-Wrath Rapture," which supposedly occurs immediately after the so-called "Great Tribulation," but not before God pours His wrath on unbelievers. The so-called "Great Tribulation" is a theory culled from the Book of Daniel; however, there is nothing in the New Testament alluding to such an event. Thousands of books, audio tapes and CD's and DVD's, pamphlets, television and radio shows flood the Christian marketplace (and most rampantly on the Internet) with the four predominate views, and a virtual potpourri of their modified versions.
The unfortunate dilemma is that none of these versions are correct because the Bible nowhere tells us that there will be a specific event or period known as the "Great Tribulation," which automatically make all of these doctrinal positions moot. If there is no "Great Tribulation" period anywhere between one through seven years, then how could we call any of these positions a Pre, Mid, Post Tribulation period, or even Pre-Wrath? 
Our book, The End Times Passover, goes into great detail in the discussion of the so-called "Great Tribulation" controversy, and provides scripture to prove there is no such period nor any event in the future that can be labeled as such. Obviously, we cannot include the entire book (which is over 500 pages long) in this blog post, but we can provide you with the book's PROLOGUE, which explains why novice eschatologists and Bible students (and even many pastors and teachers who graduated from American seminaries) can never prove their specific positions on when The Rapture to Heaven occurs, because their theories are primarily based on another theory called "The Great Tribulation." As a matter of fact, we even provide a biblical explanation as to the difference between tribulation and wrath, which most Rapture proponents intermingle together, leading to more confusion for their adherents, who eventually find themselves diving head first into the proverbial Rapture rabbit hole. Yes! Christians will be caught up to have a "meeting" with Jesus Christ in the air, but there is no Bible record that Jesus returns back to Heaven with the church. Learn, once and for all, why there is no event in the Bible called "Pre-Tribulation Rapture to Heaven:" 

Prologue to THE END TIMES PASSOVER by Joe Ortiz

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Joe - I have enjoyed reading your blogs for a number of years and always find exciting and rewarding articles that are as scriptural as they are timely and much needed. With world conditions changing and getting more scary by the minute, followers of the Lord Jesus Christ should be informed as to what is happening - and this can happen if they will read your informative articles and, just as important, get and read your great prophecy books - all of which I have read. I have especially benefited from reading your work entitled "The End Times Passover." May the Lord keep on using and blessing you much! Your Christian bro, Cesar