Saturday, December 18, 2010

Could Someone's Dream Turn Out to be Someone Else's Nightmare Down The Road?

     Could the recent killing by the U.S. Senate of the Dream Act come back to haunt the USA down the road?
     The DREAM Act would have provided certain illegal and deportable alien students who graduate from US high schools, who are of good moral character, arrived in the U.S. illegally as minors, and have been in the country continuously and illegally for at least five years prior to the bill's enactment, the opportunity to earn conditional permanent residency if they complete two years in the military or two years at a four year institution of higher learning. This unfortunate action by America reminds me of a great story in the Bible about Joseph, one of the 12 sons of Israel.
     As scripture in the Book of Genesis relates, Joseph shared a dream with his brothers that he would one day be a great leader and would not only save his 11 other brothers, but in fact would be their ruler. The brothers hated Joseph for sharing that dream with them, and had so much envy, that they threw him down a giant hole, in hopes he would die.
     As it turns out, Joseph was found by some Egyptians next door to the land of Canaan and taken to its King Pharaoh, who was impressed with Him and his knowledge and wisdom and decided to place him in charge of his entire kingdom.
     As it turns out, later on his brothers were suffering in the land of Canaan and went next door to Egypt seeking food. Pharaoh welcomed Joseph's brothers, but little did they know that their brother Joseph was now the head honcho of that country. They didnt recognize he was the brother they had cast out of the family, although Joseph knew.
     As it turns out, Joseph provided the family that had cast him out of their midst with food and sustenance, and they were henceforth not only grateful for him providing them with help, they had to admit not only how wrong they were by casting him off from the family, they also had to acknowledge he was now in charge of their future. It looks like Joseph's dream actually came true.
     More importantly, little did Joseph (nor his brothers) know at the time that he was thrown into the pit that God was actually working on a greater plan for all concerned!
             (Painting by Ignacio Gomez)     
     The moral of this story is that America has thrown in a dark pit its highly educated immigration youth (motivated by its envy and spite); however, these rejected students could very well become a tremendous asset that will enhance whatever country they return or are banished to. These hard-working and highly educated youth should not see this action by the U.S. Senate (and the American public) as a defeat, but simply a momentary setback in their quest for greatness.

     The way America is going right now (down the road of nationalistic hate and dishonor), it could very well be that these immigrant castoffs will turn out to be part of its societal and economic salvation down the road.
     What was a dream for a few resourceful immigrant youth, a dream of attaining a good education to contribute towards an economic prosperity that could have been shared by the entire nation, could very well turn out to be one of America's worst nightmares.
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Anonymous said...

I applaud your charitable and Christian defense of unfortunate aliens who, because of necessity, are trying to better themselves here in this "land of plenty." Has America forgotten who harvests the food it eats (and, boy, does it love to eat it!)? Has it forgotten who has helped build the railroads, the highways (Americans love to drive!), seaports, communication towers, dams, and everything from shopping malls and schools to countless houses and churches? Has America forgotten those who have repeatedly enlisted in the armed forces in order to protect us and who have even been willing to die while performing this? Thank you, Bro. Ortiz, for pointing out that "it could very well be that these immigrant castoffs will turn out to be part of [America's] societal and economic salvation down the road." Who knows, maybe one of the "immigrant castoffs" will someday become the President of the United States!
For God and all of the "least of these," Adriana