Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do You Really Know Your Bible?

     It took over 25 years of deep, extensive Bible study to discover factual data that differs from what many people believe is sacred doctrine. Much of this work included using an etymological and a ‘figures of speech’ study approach to reach a more in depth meaning to many of the words in the Bible we take for granted. The answers to some of the following statements and questions may shock you, but we can provide factual biblical data to prove the statements below are true.
     Did you know that there is nothing Holy about the state of Israel and it most definitely is not The Promised Land?
     Did you know that non-Christ believing Jews are not God's 'Children of Promise?'
     Did you know that many 'right-wing evangelicals' are promoting the Gospel of Zionism, which is not biblical?
     Did you know that New Jerusalem (the Bride of the Lamb) is not the church?
     Did you know that Jesus Christ’s reign on earth will be for more than 1000 years? That there will be no such thing as "The Millennium?"
     Did you know that when you die you don’t immediately go to Heaven or Hell? Your body decays, the life-giving spirit God gave you at birth returns back to Him, your sentient soul sleeps until Jesus returns at The Resurrection, and you know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, do nothing until He returns?
     Did you know that the Rapture does not include a trip to Heaven, that it includes nothing else but a meeting in the sky to greet Jesus and escort Him back to earth??
     Did you know that mansions in God’s house are not housing compartments for Christians? That they are only spiritual habitations that Christians will put on to house our glorified bodies at The Resurrection?
     Did you know that Heaven is not the final destination of Christians, and that, in reality, we never, ever visit Heaven but Heaven does come down to earth when Jesus returns?
     Did you know that the word "church" is not really penned in the Bible, that the word for God's people of promise is ecclesia, which means, " a people called out" and that they actually existed before Jesus was physically born?
     Did you know that The Great White Throne Judgment will be held here on earth?
     Did you know that God and New Jerusalem come down to earth together when Jesus returns?
     Did you know that Christians will be on earth when God pours out His wrath on unbelievers?
     Did you know Christians will not experience God’s wrath but they will suffer Great Tribulation?
     Did you know millions who now call themselves Christian will accept the mark of the beast (666) to escape death?
     Did you know that many Christians today are already turning their back on Jesus Christ due to financial pressure?
     Did you know that those left are forgiven and those taken are unrepentant sinners who will be bound for eternal destruction?
     Did you know there is more false religion being preached today than ever in history? And this mostly by self-proclamed Christians?
     Most people reading this are probably saying “Hog Wash” ~ but it is true!
     Those people who promote the Left Behind and Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrines have seduced the majority of Christianity into believing they will escape tribulation, and they do this solely to gain large profits and political power by publishing the provocative "Left Behind" doctrines!
     They are controlled by non-Christian entities who use their religious notions to influence many governments throughout the world to support rich and powerful money-changers ~ greedy factions in the Middle East and Europe ~ those with enough military might to conquer as many nations as they can, to slowly but surely gain complete control of the entire world. And most American Christians haven't a clue!

     If you want or need biblical proof that all the above statements are true and factual, read The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation (Published by Author House), two new books by Joe Ortiz.
     Having the distinction of being the first Mexican American to ever host a talk show on an English-language, commercial radio station, Ortiz began his broadcasting career in 1972 at KABC Talk Radio in Los Angeles. He is a journalist with over 40 years experience as a news reporter, radio and television talk show host and newspaper columnist, and currently writes for various local and national media, and manages several web sites and two blogs..

     Ortiz began writing these two books in 1984 (and for the most part finished in 1986), over twenty five years ago, but he did not publish them until 2006. During the time in between, he spent hours, days, weeks, months and years checking and rechecking the information, over and over again, to make sure the evidence he discovered and presents in these two books was biblically correct!
     Attention Bible Teachers: You don't want to teach anything about the End Times until you first read these two books!
     You may be saying “Who does Ortiz think he is; smarter than thousands of evangelists, preachers, teachers, pastors, Bible professors and theology academicians throughout history?”
"No! Not in the least! I am not really that smart nor did I attend any Bible seminaries or colleges. I merely wrote what has been in the Bible all along, and the only proof and the only defense I have is the Word of God and the Holy Spirit!"

For more information concerning this blog and the books written by this author, please click here >Joe Ortiz and also The End Times Passover Video
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