Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Late, It's Late, Please Bury the Hate!

Joe Ortiz

Scoffers deny, the hand of its fate, peril and terror, time running out,
Pleasures denied, Eros is fleeting, money and worries, lovers they pout;
Earth and the mountains, tremble in fear, strong gusty winds, ripping the land,
Hold on tightly, temblor increases, loved ones are fallen, they slip from your hand;

Listen to wisdom, ancient it speaks, prophet the warnings, ears closed so tight,
Hearts are deceiving, they seek own reward, denying word power, fancy the flight;
Seek satisfaction, fleeting the time, restless souls churning, sleepless at night,
No peace in the cupboard, friendship in toil, grasping is empty, lost is its might;

Love still the power, no origin seen, seeking to comfort, the lonely is found,
Pain comes in caring, reward not expected, missing affection, it lands on the ground;
Faith comes from testing, the pure heart it seeks, reaching for honor, the highest peak,
Viewing contentment, no quick light is shown, stronger the vessel, its mantle is meek;

Hate is a power, destruction the life, filled with its anguish, division it roars,
Expecting the blessing, its daily the bread, inner contentment, your joy now soars;
Secret from Alpha, Omega is found, basic is loving, no other is found,
Hate is confusion, twisting the soul, love like the circle, no ending is found
Life clock keeps ticking, the heart drying up, horror its future, no peace can endure,
Strength and its hoping, so little the challenge, focus on love, so soft and so pure;
Hate and its fury, keep draining the soul, bleeding true hearts, denying the whole,
Soon comes the crumble, friendships denied, scattered the pieces, injured the soul;

Time is so precious, the signs are many, disasters seek victims, and chief is the hate,
Wrenching the mighty, the haughty they grin, caring no less, no friend is the fate;
In dying the moments, last word it does speak, hearts that are empty, nothing to fill,
Time was a plenty, bonds that could heal, ego’s destruction, the souls it does kill;

Friendships forever, a gift to be treasured, love and forgiveness, the greatest of deeds,
Hate is so draining, no true love fulfilled, listen to wisdom, so gently it speeds;
The winds and its fury, the heat and its might, good, bad and evil, destiny’s fate,
Hold on to loved ones, it’s late, it’s late, deny earthly pleasures, and bury the hate! 

The above poem was written by Joe Ortiz in 1998. It is more relevant today than ever before!

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