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Redlands, CA - A former Los Angeles-based talk show host has written two books that challenge the Pre-Tribulation Rapture and evangelicals that attempt to influence the U.S.’s political decisions concerning the state of Israel. The author, Joe Ortiz, is a 20 year veteran news reporter, talk show host and newspaper columnist who claims evangelicals who support the dispensational, premillennial and Left Behind doctrines have been misinformed by proponents who have misinterpreted the Bible.

Ortiz claims in his two recently published books, The End Times Passover and Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation (published by Author House) that careful scrutiny of the Bible proves that the Promised Land is not in the Middle East, the state of Israel is not God’s time piece to Armageddon, that there will be no Pre-Tribulation Rapture, and that God’s true disciples will experience a certain degree of tribulation.

“Right wing evangelicals who promote the Left Behind doctrine (like Tim LaHaye, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Tommy Ice and others), believe the State of Israel is key to Bible prophecy,” said Ortiz. “The proponents of this erroneous doctrine have unwittingly been pounding their theological hammers on U.S. foreign policy for over a century, only to drive a bigger wedge between Jews and Arabs who want peace in the Middle East.

Ortiz stated his books are not a politically-motivated treatise designed to influence people to choose sides between Palestinians or Jews. He said his is an academic polemic designed for people to recognize their role should be one of peacemakers rather than promoting military solutions to a feud that’s been going on for centuries. He said his research was based on analyzing the etymology of key words in the Bible that prove conclusively that the Left Behind notion promoted by many evangelicals begins to fall apart when examined carefully.

In his book Why Christians Will Suffer Great Tribulation (the sequel to The End Times Passover), Ortiz provides biblical insights to the subject of tribulation which may alarm many Christians whose hopes lay on a Pre-Tribulation escape to heaven.

“No Christian wants to imagine he or she will be persecuted, but it will happen to a certain degree” stated Ortiz, who spent over 20 years researching and writing his books.

“However, as my first book proves, God will provide protection through His end times Passover for believers during these latter times of tribulation, just as He provided the Israelites with protection when they were prisoners of Egypt during their first Passover experience,” adds Ortiz.

The author’s media experience includes more than 20 years of news reporting and hosting programs on TV and radio, as well as writing for a syndicated newspaper chain in Los Angeles, California.

Ortiz claims that when those preachers and teachers of Bible prophecy read his book, they will soon realize they have been promoting a militant and destructive doctrine instead of a genuine gospel of peace.


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