Thursday, December 14, 2006


A former radio-television talk show host today tossed a theological gauntlet at those who support the Left Behind doctrine, claiming that form of theology is not biblical and is leading many true believers astray from the Gospel.

Joe Ortiz, who recently completed a book (The End Times Passover) which debunks the Left Behind doctrine, stated he believes these mythologies are destructive to orthodox Christians and will hinder their ability to endure great tribulation. Other commentators who also dispute the Left Behind mythology include published authors Ted Noel, Stephen Sizer and Steve Wohlberg

“It is not our intent to create discord within the Christian community, “ said Ortiz, who has the distinction of being the first Mexican American to host an English language, commercial radio talk show. “However, there are many theologians throughout the world who are convinced the Left Behind doctrine is a blatant lie, and its proponents are more concerned with making money than teaching biblical truth. The “Left Behind” doctrine teaches that born again Christians will be secretly caught up to heaven seven years before Jesus Christ returns back to earth, thereby escaping a period they call “The Great Tribulation.”

“It is prophecy writers and preachers like Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins, Mike Evans, Hal Lindsey and Dr. Tommy Ice, who are the most well known promoters of this mythology,” adds Ortiz. “They and their publishers are more concerned about profiting greatly from these books and movies, rather than preaching the true gospel,” stated Ortiz, “Unfortunately, they are seducing spiritually hungry people away from God’s truth.”

Ortiz added that adherents to these mythologies are being duped into believing and supporting doctrines that are actually fanning the flames of world politics. He said they willingly or unwittingly are also promoting doctrines that foster religious conflicts throughout the world.”

Ortiz added his book provides succinct biblical evidence that refute the Left Behind mythologies. He has a web site ( where the public can examine the evidence.

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