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Is The World Goiing to an End in December 2012?

     What in the hell is going on with this crazy world?
     Not a moment goes by where we don't read in the newspaper, see on television and hear on the radio, stories about random nut-case shootings, wars, bombings, hurricanes, earthquakes and a myriad of other calamities. More importantly, these events and the pressures of modern life are breaking people down by the millions. Hate, disputes, abnormal behavior among humanity is rampant. Not to mention the ever-increasing use of alcohol and drugs, and the uncontrollable raging hormones people seek to satisfy – even on the Internet.
     No one should be surprised about these painful horrors we are experiencing, especially when they are being stirred by movie makers who solely want to make money off the fears of mankind. Prophecies about these calamities preceding the horrific period called the ‘End Times’ were foretold in the Bible. But the Bible states that "no man" knows the date of the end and no one truly knows if the world actually comes to an end! Scripture do claim that the world will be changed (spiritually and physically restructured), but never annihilated. While the current movie "2012" starring John Cusack paints a horrific picture of what many people are prophetically expecting, there is a period spoken about in the Bible that definitely will ensue before the returrn of Christ that is called the "birth pangs" describing a world experiencing the pain a woman goes through immediately before she has a child.

     This "birth pang" period, as the Bible calls it, does not connote any specific time frame (such as seven years posutlated by many theorists); however true believers throughout history have suffered for their belief in Christ and will continue to suffer greater tribulation at the hands of anti-christian forces, which many believers throughout the whole world are experiencing today. And, unfortunately, they are going to increase more so each day.
     Are these the signs foretold that would precede Armageddon, the so-called ‘end of the world’ as we know it? Many people believe so, especially evangelical Christians. However, many of these Christians have been disillusioned into believing they will not suffer the great tribulations prophesied in the Bible about the End Times. Why? Because they have unwittingly been taught by well-intended pastors and bible teachers that they will be spared the impending horrors spoken about in the Book of Revelations. 
     A large segment of today's church leaders and bible teachers, unwittingly, have proffered a unique theory that basically born again Christians will be secretly snatched up to Heaven anywhere from three and a half to seven years before God pours out His wrath on those who failed to respond to His call for repentance from their sinful ways. They call this seductive theory the Rapture, or the Pre-Tribulation Escape.
     However there is a growing segment of educators, Bible researchers and eschatologists who are challenging this theory. One of these individuals is former radio and television broadcaster, Joe Ortiz, who actually provides specific Bible proof that academically refutes the Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory.
     In his book, The End Times Passover, Joe Ortiz uses a 'word comparison' study of Greek and Hebrew words used in Bible passages to dramatically prove that modern day interpretations of the Bible have, in reality, been reversed by theorists to convey a different meaning than God intended. For example, many pre-tribulation theorists use the scripture in Luke 17:34-37 to support their theory that Christians will be taken to Heaven and unbelievers will be left behind to suffer God's wrath during the so-called Great Tribulation.
     What makes Ortiz' book unique is not just another prophecy book based on the long-running dispenational premillennialistic conjecture that was popularized in the 70's by Hal Lindsey in his million selling book The Late Great Planet Earth, and the most recent Left Behind encantation by Tim Lahaye. No! Joe Ortiz got right down past mixing other prophetic connundrums with pop prophecy and conducted deep etymological studies on certain key words to get their most precise meanings in the Bible that actually disproved their theories. He shows that if person carefully examines the definition of the word taken, they will find that the Greek word is paralambano, which means to seize and to bind, whereas the word for left in the Greek is aphiemi which means, to forgive, do not touch, leave be, leave alone
     In essence, Ortiz shatters the mythology being put forth by Left Behind theorists' like Tim LaHaye, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey, Mike Evans and hundreds more preachers and teachers who promote the non-biblical Pre-Tribulation Rapture to Heaven doctrine. In essence these theorists' interpretation of this scriptural verse; a verse which basically reverses and contradicts the main premise to their pet theory and, in reality, harmonizes more so with the scriptures concerning separating the chaff from the wheat and the goats from the sheep when He returns. This is one of over a hundred similar Bible word comparison examples that The End Times Passover contains that refute a pre-tribulation escape.

     This new book includes irrefutable and biblical proof that Christians will remain on Earth not only during the so-called "Great Tribulation," and that many of them will be persecuted by the prevailing anti-Christians forces, up to and will also be on Earth during the time God pours out His great wrath.
     However, Ortiz' book offers biblical proof that the God’s children of promise, the disciples of Jesus, will be protected during God's wrath-outpouring. God has provided an End Times Passover program for His chosen people, just as he did when He rescued Israel from Egyptian bondage, rescued Noah from the flood, Daniel from the Lions den, and Meschaq, Chadrack and Abednego from the fiery furnace. In Ortiz' book, you will see biblical proof that refutes a pre-tribulation Rapture, including answers to the question of who comprises the true church of God, is the Rapture a special event, and is the Christian church really the bride of Christ?
     Ortiz' new book also provides answers to who (or what) is the true Bride of the Lamb, who are the invited guests at the Great Wedding, what and where is the true Promised Land? In his book he also answers the questions, what is New Jerusalem, what is the Holy City of God, who really accompanies the Jesus when He returns to earth, do Christians immediately go to Heaven when they die, is the Holy Spirit ever removed from the earth, does the church fall away from the faith in the end times, what is true meaning of Temptation, how many times does the Jesus return, will there be a 1000 year millennium on earth or will Jesus reign for an eternity, and can Christians lose their salvation? These topics and more are accurately and biblically detailed to unveil truths many great prophesy teachers and writers have missed…until now!
     Tell your friends! Share it with your pastor, Bible studies teacher, or anyone interested in getting sound biblical proof that there will be no Pre-Tribulation Rapture! We challenge you to read the entire book! For more information, click below or contact your local book store and tell them to order your copy today.
     Will the world end on December 2012?

Find out the truth!

The End Times Passover


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I don't know about the world ending in 2012, but it sure would be nice if pretrib dispensationalism could end then - or preferably even sooner! Lord bless, keep plugging away for our Lord! Sam